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Why is it that when I hit the print button on my browser, the page prints out weird?


I designed this page using frames.  There is a top frame, a left frame and a main frame.  When you hit the print button on your browser, it will probably just print the top frame.  There are two ways that you can fix this.

  • I created a print icon on the top right corner of the webpage.  It looks like this:    If you click that button, the main page should print correctly.

  • A second way to print web pages is to select the text that you would like to print.  Highlight the portion of the webpage with your mouse.  Click FILE - PRINT.  In the print menu, click on the button next to the word SELECTION.  Then hit print.  That will definitely work!


The menu system does not work.  How do I view the various documents in the portfolio?


I really have no idea why the menu system would not work, BUT ... I did create a workaround!  Please visit  This should fix your problem!



I am not able to view the videos.  What can I do?


There should be no problem viewing these videos on PC/Microsoft based systems.  I have heard that MAC users have difficulty in viewing the videos.  Here are some possible solutions:
  • Option 1:  Click this link to be directed to a page that will allow you to download a compressed version of the video file (.zip file).
  • Option 2:  Right-Click on the links on the video page.  Then select "SAVE TARGET AS" or "SAVE LINK AS".  This will allow you to download the video.
  • Option 3:  Contact me via the form at the bottom of this page and I may be able to mail you a DVD copy of the video.

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