5/3/2006 Added a 'Standards Based Index' that relates each of the components of the portfolio to NYSSTEP, INTASC and QC7
Put finishing touches on some papers
Submitted for review
5/1/2006 Completed all papers, uploaded samples of student evaluations to the Statistical Summary Page
4/25/2006 Added Case Study
Added Frequently Asked Questions page to help users with printing issues
Added a print button to the top of the main page
Added a new "Backup" homepage for browsers that don't support the menu system
Fixed some aesthetic issues throughout the site
4/17/2006 Update Feedback page, added videos
3/28/2006 Completed Statistical Summary, added to the 'additional materials' section
3/22/2006 Added to lesson plans, press release, assessment and classroom management papers
3/21/2006 Added "Internet Explorer for MAC" warning
Edited Educational Philosophy, Changed Graphic on top of the philosophy page
Removed search function ... because it does not work
Created additional link for video's in the video section
3/16/2006 Slight update to menu system
3/15/2006 Worked on classroom management paper.
Updated the 'feedback' page.  The old one was broken.
3/1/2006 Changed all of the fonts... I kind of liked the other font .. playful looking.  But, this looks more professional.
Search page is broken
2/13/2006 Got the Search page working!
The Feedback page is now fully operational
Wrote some more about my philosophy of assessment in music
2/3/2006 Bought www.mrhait.com!  All of the pictures are now online.  Videos will be arriving soon.
1/5/2006 Added information about NYSSTEP, began linking the 'standards information' bar to the standards sites
1/2/2006 Happy new year!
Gave site a small face-lift.  Made it more compatible with other browsers (Firefox).
Added a 'standards information' bar to bottom of most pages
12/19/2005 Added more journal articles and changed bibliographic references to APA style
11/17/2005 Added and updated gamelan site .. linked through / Academic Development / Copies of projects
Added cover pages to Analysis and Academic Development pages
Wow .. I keep making this harder on myself! .. Invented an Index!!!!
11/10/2005 Scanned and added copies of other certifications and certificates to the Certificates and Licenses section
Added background to left and top frames
Updated menu system
Added some pictures
11/5/2005 Learned more about HTML programming.  Made some changes to the menu system that changes 2 frames at once.  Difficult!
10/31/2005 Wrote and posted Educational Philosophy
Posted Lesson Plan #1 with additional materials in the Lesson Plan section of the portfolio
Added and designed Gamelan website - linked through the Academic Development/Copies of Projects link
10/29/2005 Updated homepage with information about intasc, qc7, etc.
Designed concert program page.  Scanned and posted 2 concert programs and the 'trifold'.
Scanned and posted classroom evaluations.
10/28/2005 Posted the CI Band website on the Additional Materials page
Posted 2 article critiques on the appropriate page
Updated menu system
Updated webpage names
Posted contact information
10/27/2005 Completed the design of the menu system, set up the Resume, Teacher Schedule, Certification and Transcripts pages.
I need to add color .. and graphics .. someday!
10/26/2005 Looked in to different java applets to design an animated menu system.  Got very frustrated and found out that you had to pay for the good ones. :-(  ... sad face ... So, I made my own!
10/25/2005 Came up with the idea that 'you have to start somewhere'!  I started thinking of ideas on how to set up the menu system for my portfolio.

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